Multi media library

Hey folks, a few videos have been added to the library, some old Fingers stuff from the 90’s and some Lake, Slow Dance Fast, Car Scars, and Travis Bickle videos. More to come soon, inlcuding a comedy show that I am creating, and some non-funkytonk related bands that I have some good footage of when they played shows here in the Tri-Cities, and eventually the entire Funkytonk catalog available for streaming. Hope you all enjoy!

Flat Tire

Oh gosh flat tire, Andy was fuming.

The Pets/Generifus Microtour was awesome. Great shows all around. We had a flat in Portland but it gave us an opportunity to wander around a neighborhood we probably never would have and a chance meet up with some old friends. Thanks to all who came to the shows. We had fun seeing you.