Holiday Party 2011

Last night I attended a Holiday Party that was organized by Chrissa and Ricardo, and hosted by Cameron and Katy @ the Blue House in Kennewick. It was great. Lots of yummy foods, and a white elephant ornament exchange. Here is a picture of Ricardo holding up the prized ornament of the night (it was maxed out on steals!!) Some of you may recognize the picture of a young Ben Santillan. Kim Powelson was the lucky receiver of the 1 of 1 2011 Funkytonk Records hand painted ornament. This is one of a kind! The street value has got to be astronomical. Will this be an annual event in the Tri – Cities?!?!? We can only hope……… For those who missed out, Kennewick Coffee Co. is hosting a Holiday concert event this Monday evening (DEC 19th). Haus Cats will be there.

What do these things have in common??

Modest Mouse, Crown, David Bazan, Fugazi, Crystal Skulls, Two Gallants, Down Trodden Foreign Family Band, Solar Shade, and The Seaworthies. All of these bands have a video up in the Funkytonk Multi Media Library of a select song from a live show somewhere in the Tri Cities. You can’t believe it???? Check it out for yourself.! The library now has video footage spanning from 1988 – 2011 of underground music in the Tri-Cities. 23 years folks lol, lmao, rofl, wtf, aykm, imo, mf’n, brb, btw….