Feb 1st 2012 Triple Release Date for Funkytonk!!!

3 Releases in one DAy?!?!? That is correct. Funkytonk is putting out 3 new 7″ vinyl singles on Feb 1 2012.

FTR 035 Pets – Applejuice 7″ single Buy it here
FTR 036 Ashley Eriksson – What A Fool Believes 7″ single Buy it here
FTR 037 Stephen Steinbrink – Rennet 7″ single Buy it here

All 3 releases come with digital downloads of the music, which includes bonus material not on the 7″. Get your pre-orders in now as these are all very limited pressings.

In the meantime make sure and check out the new videos in the library by Stephen Steinbrink and Ashley Eriksson. Feel free to share them on your favorite social networking site.