Metalwolf Festival Aug 5 & 6 2016

15 years ago at the Hoedown Center in Richland WA the very first Metalwolf Festival took place. Here is some video taken of the band Juba playing at Metalwolf in 2001.


Metalwolf ran 4 years in a row until the last festival happened at 321 Art Space in 2004. This year after a 12 year hiatus Funkytonk is excited to bring back the Metalwolf Festival for it’s 5th installment in the Tri Cities. There will be around 30 bands, art, independent films and a punk yard sale/swap meet. Noon to midnight each day. Meet us at the park, bring your swimming gear and the family. Tickets are name your own price so if you are low on dough than just come anyways. We have set this up so everyone feels welcome. Check out the official Metalwolf page for the schedule and lineup of events and bands and make sure and join us on the facebook event page. See you all there.

Official Metalwolf page
Facebook Event page

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  1. I may be attending this event but need to know some specifics regarding transportation and deluxe accommodations… It’s been several years and I know a lot has changed in Richland. I heard you guys have a multi-level parking garage and a Taco Time now… How exciting!! You know, any time is taco time!!!

    Anyways…FIRST CONCERN… Is the Richland airport still an option for me to fly into? Keep in mind I have upgraded to a 2014 Gulfstream VI since my last Metalwolf visit, and I think standby services on that model require a 220v cable connection to keep the champagne coolers on standby. Secondly, I am assuming that you will have a VIP area set up at the event for…well…people like me. I’m no longer doing that whole stupid vegan thing and want to make sure that any catering features as much raw, bloody, glistening red meat as possible for me and my guests. I probably won’t actually eat it, I just like to have it near me. And don’t try to cheap out and go with ham or poultry… I’m talking USDA Prime cows here.

    Finally, Overturf Volkswagon is apparently supplying a brand new Audi R8 for me to go from the airport into town so long as I pose for a picture with their sales manager at some point during the event, so please make sure to have both a skilled photographer as well as valet parking staffed by trustworthy people.

    That’s all I can think of right now. Thanks guys… I’ll let you know if I need anything else! Kisses!!!


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