PETS – Ashley Eriksson Disco Project – Ings / Barboza Seattle

Join us for a wonderful evening of Northwest pure gold pop. Funkytonk’s own Pets will be headlining the event with their needle point pop music, along side Ashley Eriksson of Lake and Adventure Time fame and Seattle favorite Ings. This fabulous bill is taking place at the Barboza in the Capitol Hill district of downtown Seattle. Show will start at 7pm on Saturday January 19th 2019. Advanced tickets are $8. Click the links below to visit the Facebook Event page to participate in the pre concert banter, and the ticket link page is also posted below.

PETS – Portland, OR 2018

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PETS – Personal Electronic Transactor Sounds – Generations Video

Studer 169 Console Direct Out Modification

The Studer 169 10×1 Professional Recording Console. This mobile sidecar console was a purchase from a Studio in Amsterdam. This is a 10 channel to mono mixer in excellent original shape. I have decided to perform the direct out modification on each of the 10 channels. This mod can be found in various forums across the web. I made a variation in my mod in that I decided to make the direct out happen after the 3 band EQ section of each channel so that one could take advantage of the very musical EQ on these modules. With this mod completed one could now utilize the mixer as 10 separate preamp outputs into your DAW or Tape Machine or whatever the recording media might be.

The first step is to pull the module out of the mixer and remove the side panel off the module by loosening the three screws. Make sure and only loosen as there is a keeper on the underside that will fall off if you back the screw out too much. Next step is to remove the rear I/O panel. There are two screws right above the banana plug insert jacks.and one more screw at the bottom on the side.So the method I am using here is a relatively non destructive modification in that I will only de-solder the original wires, but will not remove them. Just in case somebody down the line would like to bring this mixer back to dead stock original. Once the screws are removed from the I/O panel I like to prop the panel up with a screwdriver so that I can work on it. The banana plugs are signal jacks, which are really of no use to me or most likely anybody else in an audio recording studio. The original intent with signaling jacks was to signal something like a light or some other device to turn on when an action took place on the mixer. This functionality might be useful in a television broadcast or a broadway play. Because of that I didn’t feel too bad about doing this mod as most people would never need these jacks in the audio world. The top banana jack has a red wire soldered to it. De-solder that wire, snip the exposed conductor off and fold it back and out of the way. Another option you could do here would be to apply shrink tube to the loose end of the red wire.Next step is to cut a length of 22AWG copper wire at 15″. Solder this in place of the red wire you just removed. On the other end of the 22AWG wire solder a female connector. What I used here for the connector was from a female DB-25 kit. These are readily available from multiple sources online and you only need to purchase one as it will come with 25 of them that you just break off one at a time. 3/16″ seemed like the perfect length to strip back for the connectors I was using. Now route this 22AWG to connection point 28. I found this information about this connection point in the Studer 169 manual in section 7.4.10. See the next photo for exact location. Half way done!! You now have the + signal successfully connected to the top banana jack. This will be a post fade, post eq signal. Big time sound in a small compact console. Next, we need to locate a good ground point. To do this you need to connect one of your leads of your multimeter to a known ground in the module. I point out in the next photo the grounds I could find in my module. The two black wires coming off the XLR connectors are grounds as was this left side of the capacitor. I clipped an alligator lead to one of those ground points and the other end of the alligator lead to one of my multimeter leads. Now set up your meter to test for continuity. With your meter testing for continuity, test one of these points here to see if any of them are common with ground. In my module the yellow wire on the right was a ground point. This is not typical of every Studer 169, and it is important that you identify the ground point in your mixer and not assume it will be the same as this one here. Next pull the blue wire off its connection point….…and connect it to the ground point that you have identified with your multimeter. In my case this was very convenient as the yellow wire immediately next to the blue was a ground point. The blue wire easily connected to this point without adding or splicing in additional length of wire. To tidy things up I also pulled the red wire and along with the yellow wire folded them back and out of the way. One could shrink tube these loose ends as well. Once you have connected the blue wire to a ground point you have successfully completed the direct out modification on this unit. Nice! Re-install the side panel and I/O panel and move on to the next module. Only 9 more to go.

The next task that needs to be completed are the adaptor cables for the rear of the mixer. You will need to make 10 of these. I am not going to go into any detail as I feel it is fairly straight forward. You install a male XLR on one end of the cable and the + lead to the red banana plug and the ground to the yellow banana plug. The following pictures should help guide you through this. Strip

Solder. Don’t forget the shrink tube!

Piece it together.

Tighten by hand.

Banana plugs next

Easy Breezy

..and you are done!

Finally just a reminder. The red banana plug inserts into the top jack and the yellow to the bottom left jack. Now you can record 10 tracks of professional, world class audio simultaneously. Let’s create some magic!

The following video is a test run I performed on the console after I completed all 10 direct out modifications. Please beware that there are some pops and crackles as I go through the EQ section of each module. The potentiometers were dirty and this video is prior to cleaning them. Please adjust your volume accordingly. After the test I pulled the modules out and cleaned the dirty pots with Deoxit D5. This did the trick, and everything seems great now. I did notice in the test that Ch.2 & 3 were slightly quieter than the other channels but I did not fix this issue as I feel like it would be best to calibrate the mixer and get all the channels working and performing evenly.

This mixer can be purchased at The Fuzzy Felt.The Fuzzy Felt

~Tim Leingang/Daveno Studio. Richland WA



New websites, studio, and other neato coming soon stuff.

Hi friends and fans of Funkytonk! There are some big big changes coming soon to the site. As you may or may not be aware, Funkytonk Records is a family run business out of our home and studio in Richland WA. Since 1997 when I founded Funkytonk, it has been almost entirely a diy independent word of mouth venture. This includes the website. I have built it from scratch and in the process have had many a lessons learned on what “not to do” in building websites. I will be doing the renovation for the Funkytonk site by myself. I expect everything that I am about to speak about in the following message to be completed by Christmas of 2017. First and foremost, every page on the Funkytonk site will be receiving a major facelift. The links will remain very similar but modes of operation will be a bit different. The blog page, the one you are reading this post on, will be used strictly for articles and opinion papers that I write. These will be random and you can probably expect just a handful of blog posts per year. I will be posting the blogs/articles to all the Funkytonk social media sites so the actual blog page will serve as a searchable blog archive. In short the blog will be my version of a Funkytonk online zine. All the show and event announcements I had posted on the blog in the past will now be posted on the Funkytonk facebook and twitter accounts. What I am trying to hint at is that if you are interested in keeping up on all things Funkytonk, follow us on social media!! People have emailed me requesting that I start up a Funkytonk Message board again. I am not going to do this. In an effort to reduce redundancy, I am leaving all “community discussion” to take place on our social media sites. The Funkytonk Multi-Media Library will only change in appearance but functionality will remain the same. Like the blog page the library will serve as a searchable multi-media page for all the media that I add to the site. This will be most convenient as I use youtube, bandcamp, and soundcloud to host the media I post. Rather than visit all 3 sites and search through them for what you are looking for the Library page will be an all in one source for everything. This functionality is already in place, and as I said, nothing will change except appearance of the page itself. A new exciting link I will be adding is a community resource that will be added to the site. Daveno Studio will be opening up officially on Jan 1 2018. This is a private studio I have been building for the past few years. I will have a calendar available with a scattering of openings to the public throughout the year. For those not in the know Daveno Studio is an all analog studio. I record to 2″ tape through, Trident, Studer, and Neve, consoles and preamps. The studio is chock full of vintage mics and outboard gear from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. For those of you that want to try a different approach to recording this might be just what you have been looking for. I am building a website dedicated for Daveno Studio with all the details and a living calendar of openings. Finally the biggest challenge for me is my new start up company called The Fuzzy Felt. The entire Funkytonk catalog will be available on The Fuzzy Felt website. The Fuzzy Felt will be the Tri-Cities largest collection of vintage clothing, rare, delightful oddities, and general weirdness. Additionally The Fuzzy Felt will be open to the public by appointment only. Thanks everyone for your 20 years of support. I hope these updates and new community resources improve the livability for artists and weirdos in the Tri-Cities. Keep checking in, send me your ideas and suggestions, and follow us on social media. ~Timothy Leingang

NTH October and November

Neat Things Happening:


Saturday Oct 22 2016

Adventures Underground is having a massive parking lot book sale to raise money to open up the 8000 sq ft upstairs to local art related businesses. This is an incredible gift to the arts and music community in the Tri-Cities and needs your support!!

facebook event page

Saturday Oct 22 2016

Cameron and Katy Mills will have their shoe show on display at Confluent in Richland. Lots of shoes.
For more info click the fb link:
facebook event page

Saturday Nov 5 2016
Pets will be playing their first local show since Metalwolf and their west coast tour. Check them out at Liberation Bike Shop in downtown Kennewick on Nov 5. Also playing will be The Very Most from Boise Idaho and March Fox from Richland WA. Click on the fb event page for all the details. FREE SHOW!!!

facebook event page

Metalwolf Festival Aug 5 & 6 2016

15 years ago at the Hoedown Center in Richland WA the very first Metalwolf Festival took place. Here is some video taken of the band Juba playing at Metalwolf in 2001.


Metalwolf ran 4 years in a row until the last festival happened at 321 Art Space in 2004. This year after a 12 year hiatus Funkytonk is excited to bring back the Metalwolf Festival for it’s 5th installment in the Tri Cities. There will be around 30 bands, art, independent films and a punk yard sale/swap meet. Noon to midnight each day. Meet us at the park, bring your swimming gear and the family. Tickets are name your own price so if you are low on dough than just come anyways. We have set this up so everyone feels welcome. Check out the official Metalwolf page for the schedule and lineup of events and bands and make sure and join us on the facebook event page. See you all there.

Official Metalwolf page
Facebook Event page

Karl Blau

Karl Blau 321 Richland

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Come out Sunday for the rare chance to see Karl Blau in the Tri-Cities playing with backing members of Lake. Email Tim for directions and address. Show will be at 321 in Richland w/ PETS and Get ’em Tiger. Starts at 7p. facebook event page

Skrill Meadow , PETS and more.

Friends and friends of friends. Coming soon, Funkytonk is very happy to announce that we will be releasing the cassette version of the new Skrill Meadow – Lost On Vacation.

Tomorrow night Pets will be in Olympia playing a house show at the Doodle Pad. Please feel free to email me if you are looking for the address. Show starts at 7pm and will feature Generifus, PETS, and Thunderwerld.
face book event
Also coming up:
PETS in Seattle at the VERA Project on Thursday March 17th with Hoop and Slashed Tires.
face book event

Seattle band Hoop will be playing with PETS on March 17th 2016 at VERA
Seattle band Hoop will be playing with PETS on March 17th 2016 at VERA

And before I forget…make sure and tune into 88.1 KTCV FM every Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 10pm to catch my new radio show called Community Music Pack where I feature 10 homemade songs by artists and bands that maybe you have never heard of. Maybe you have… but still worth checking out as I feel that this music is definitely not available on the airwaves anywhere else in the Tri-Cities.