Small – Finished One FTR 024

Small – Finished One FTR 024 Original Release Date: 1992 Mysophobic (CD, Cassette) Funkytonk Re-Release Date: 2004 (download)

•Jon Boetes
•Craig Woodall
•Jim Acquavella
•Kris Boisoneau
•Billy Hughes

Download the Small – Finished One here

3 Replies to “Small – Finished One FTR 024”

  1. First time i seen Small was at Richland High Auditorium. Along with the first time I met Tim L. hanging with JMFT god rest his soul. Great show, not for the first 2 rows of chairs that were ripped out to make room for the mosh pit. For me the best shows were when the bands jam tight and upbeat. So even the person in the back can feel the energy and want to jam, dance, mosh, to dream, be inspired. To join the small family that the Tri Cities music scene was at that time. A place for all of us.

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